Automotive Accessories | The cars we drive in many cases are simply a reflection of who we are.  Making a car your own starts with the addition of automotive accessories.  The products can be part of a visual appearance upgrade or a functional enhancement. 

There are many popular accessories added to vehicles daily to improve your vehicles form or function.  One popular enhancement would include a remote vehicle starting system.  This item allows you to start your vehicle while in the comforts of your home. 

Alarms product your investment from would be thieves.  Custom grills enhance its appearance.  Window film provides multiple advantages.  Wheels give it that polished look.

No matter what the enhancement or accessory you desire; is and has been the leader in customizing local vehicles for some time.  If the product is manufactured; we can and probably have installed it at one time.  Stop by one of our showrooms and look for yourself.


3M - Did you know that Pro Tint is now a 3M authorized Window film dealer. That's right, Protint if your source for 3M branded products. Stop by and see what makes 3M window film the best in the industry.
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