Window Tinting | Without solar or UV protection, your vehicle' s interior simply will not last. Color fading and cracked dash panels are the result of the sun's effect. The vehicle you drive is most likely your second largest investment. Not providing UV protection can seriously diminish its value. Without interference of cell phone, radio, or navigation system signals; our non metal window films are the best in the industry.

Paired with the ongoing protection, the sleek look of blacked out windows and other visual enhancements window tinting provides can take your vehicle to the next level. From daily drivers to car show caliber cars, we have done them all.

Protint is an authorized installer of Suntek Window film. Suntek is the leading manufacturer of automotive window tinting while Protint is the area's leading installer of Suntek products.

For additional information about our window tinting, warranty, and legal limits; visit one of our showroom's tinting display.


3M - Did you know that Pro Tint is now a 3M authorized Window film dealer. That's right, Protint if your source for 3M branded products. Stop by and see what makes 3M window film the best in the industry.
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